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About us

The international Zither Quintet Zither Five consisting of Jonathan Fiegl, Claudia Höpfl, Tajda Krajnc, Sophia Schmid and Mara Vieider formed while studying together at the University of Music and performing arts Munich with Prof. Georg Glasl. Their first concert took place in 2017 as a part of the festival »Zither auf Zeche« in Dortmund, Germany. After their first collaboration a desire for regular cooperation and making music was formed. The ensemble could be heard in the Munich and Nuremberg area in the year 2018, followed by a concert tour to South Tyrol, Italy in 2019. The repertoire mainly includes their own arragements for this particular ensemble. It ranges from renaissance music through compositions by Rosetti and Mozart up to contemporary music. Folk music as well as popular and film music round off their program.

Jonathan Fiegl


Jonathan Gabriel Fiegl (* 1997) completed after two semesters of junior studies the artistic and artistic-pedagogical bachelor's degree with the main subject zither at the University of Music and Theater Munich with Prof. Georg Glasl.→Mehr

Claudia Höpfl


Claudia Höpfl (* 1995) learned the zither from an early age, later violin and piano followed. After a junior degree with Prof. Georg Glasl at HMTM, she completed her bachelor's degree from 2013 - 2017 with an artistic and artistic-pedagogical degree.→Mehr

Tajda Krajnc


Slovenian musician Tajda Krajnc (* 1997) has been a student at the University of Music and performing arts in Munich since 2016, where she is currently studying Master of Music Zither and instrumental pedagogy in the class of Prof. Georg Glasl.→Mehr


Sophia Schmid

Sophia Schmid (* 1998), from Riegsee near Murnau, graduated from musical gymnasium in 2016 and then began studying at the Munich University of Music and Theater. She studies folk music with the main subject zither with Prof. Georg Glasl.→Mehr

Mara Vieider


Mara Vieider (* 1995) from Ritten in South Tyrol began her musical journey at an early age in elementary school. In addition to her main instrument, the zither, she got to know various instruments such as the recorder and alto flute, the guitar, the drums, the piano and singing.→Mehr